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Transit of Mercury at the Vienna University Observatory

May 19, 2016

Watching the Transit of Mercury at the Vienna University Observatory

This is the Vienna University Observatory Refracting Telescope by Alvan Clark & Sons.

alvan clarc refractor_low1100

Alvan Clark Telescope detail_low1100

The main dome of the Vienna Observatory. 
Framed in white clouds, this view is special today!

Transit of Mercury, Vienna 9 May 2016

A transit of Mercury across the Sun takes place when the planet Mercury comes between the Sun and the Earth, and Mercury is seen as a small black dot moving across the face of the Sun. This is what happened on 9 May, 2016, and I had the great pleasure to watch the spectacle together with two experts at the Vienna University Observatory. What a joy!

Merkur Transit over sun_2016_May 1200

star gazing_Vienna Observatory1200

This is the view from the Western cupola of the observatory. 

Here are the stairs leading to a small opening in the ceiling which in turn gives way to the most wonderful and awe-inspiring world of time and space!


This is where you may plunge into an air of curious anticipation, an instance of history giving way to the future.


A narrow window opening up in the cupola, thus giving way to view the celestial objects. 

The clouds area darkening the view of the Sun and Mercury,
but they are offering me this  unique view of our Sky.

The outer walls of the main dome have recently been repainted and cleaned, competing with the pure white of the clouds.


The scientists though, are wishing the clouds away, as they keep blocking the view to the Sun and the Mercury passing through.

With a small adapter gadget my camera would fit perfectly onto the huge telescope,
and I could take my very first pictures of Mercury.
Here is one! My Mercury over the Sun. 


A radio telescope on the Western observation terrace of the Observatory.


The main entrance of the University Observatory is very scenic, and it is a gateway to a world of hidden stars and skies. 

Thank you for joining me on my journey around the Cottage Quarter of Vienna.  At this point I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Peter Sterzinger and Dr. Hans Jasicek for allowing me to spend this exceptional time with them in the observatory and experience the transit of Mercury under their perfect guidance. 2016   All rights reserved.

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