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A Taste of Life at Vöslau Spa

Sep 10, 2016


Would you like to swim in purest mineral water, drink the essence of health and feel the authentic ‘Habsburg life’?
Well then, here is your invitation to a day at the Spa of Vöslau.

The ‘Green Pool’ to swim in mineral water!

Vöslau off color3


Mellow, soft and milky is what comes to my mind when I taste the word “Milchbar” on my lips.  “Milk bars” or rather “Milk drinking halls” as they used to be called, were a meeting place of health and grace in the fin-de-siècle Vienna, and here at the Spa in Vöslau you can gracefully celebrate their revival. Wouldn´t you too just like to plunge in here right away?  Uphill at the “Milk Bar” I also had the pleasure to meet Aurelia, who happily showed me around the site.





Milk Milk Milk. Plain Milk, Sour Milk, Butter Milk, pure or mixed with natural mineral water, of course right from the spa.



Mango and Apricots blended together in happy harmony!

And Soy Milk full of memories of years and years in Japan,
where this off-white gentle delight is literally called “Bean Milk” or “Toonyuu – 豆乳” in Japanese and consumed day by day as an ingredient of the famous Asian longevity. 


Here we are at the core of the spa! Of course, this is what Vöslau is all about!
A natural spring of purest mineral water that formed 15 ooo years ago. At its origin you may taste it with all your senses.

Vöslau off color1



The Vöslau natural spring was first contained by the personal physician of Ludwig van Beethoven. The composer spent the summers of 1821, 1822 und 1823 in this area, for spa treatments and composing major parts of his Ninth Symphony.

This is Bianca-Mai, who joined me on this day trip from Vienna. Here at the origin of the Vöslau spring she can taste the joy of purest life.


Moreover, the Vöslau spa invokes this special feeling of “Habsburgness” as I jokingly like to call it. Here you can be part of the noble and rich bourgeoisie and experience the golden age of Vienna just for a day!

Vöslau off color2



The ‘Blue Pool’ to bring you back into the time of noble Habsburg.


The elegant beach wear of fin-de-siècle Vienna. Redesigned at Vöslau after an original found in the attic of the spa, for your complete immersion into the scene.

Vöslau_Swimwear Vöslau_detail_AUREA



We bring back the spa teddy as a souvenir to remind us of the perfect day in  the pure element of ‘Water’.

Vöslau spa is only a 40 minutes drive away from the city of Vienna and a regular bus service can also take you there in no time. Enjoy your day out at Vöslau and if you return to this page I will be happy to hear about your experience in the gorgeous spa of Vöslau. 2016  All rights reserved.





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