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Gaufres, Matcha and more. 抹茶ゴーフル、ヨーロッパに帰る

Jan 15, 2017

My recent Souvenir from Japan – A box of wafers, Green Tea flavoured.


Casually placing the souvenir on the chair, I realise, it is perfectly matching the interior of the Hotel room. 泊まったオーストリアのホテルのインテリアにぴったりのお土産でした!




Gaufres from the Japanese port Kobe have a long tradition. When other Japanese cities were still under the thrall of a 200 year isolation policy, cities with main harbours such as Kobe had already been buzzing with goods from far away foreign lands. At around 1897 a baker and founder of Kobe Fugetsudo saw his first wafers and they were his inspiration to create the first Gaufres in Japan.







A Japanese doctor who had worked with Albert Schweitzer in Africa went back to Japan in 1961, where he held a speech in the city of Kobe. As a return gift for the speech the doctor received a box of Gaufres which he had sent over to Dr. Schweitzer. He loved them and was very pleased, wondering “how the thin wafers could stay so fresh, almost like fresh from the oven, after such a long journey. ” The manufacturer in Kobe, Fugetsudo, was so happy, they continued sending Gaufres to Albert Schweitzer, who loved them very much.


Translation from above leaflet about Albert Schweitzer: “A German Theologian, Philosopher, Medical Doctor and Musician. At the age of 30 he went to live in Africa as doctor and missionary. In the French colony of Gabon, in the city of Lambaréné he dedicated his life to the health and education of the local people. He received the Nobel prize for his contribution to World peace and was called the “Jungle Saint”.






Thank You for the great souvenir. お土産、ありがとうございました。

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