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Der Mord auf der Sternwarte – by Univ.- Prof. Dr. Maria Firneis – (in German)

Mar 13, 2017

“Der Mord auf der Sternwarte” or “Murder at the Observatory” is a lecture (in German language) by Professor Dr. Maria Firneis of the Universitätssternwarte Wien. It took place on 10 Februar 2017 in the Littrow Lecture Hall of the University. Besides her broad career and expertise in varied fields of Astronomy, Professor Firneis also is the specialist in the History of Astronomy and has especially detailed knowledge about the history of the Vienna Observatory. She has known and worked in this Observatory for over twenty six years.


This Blogpost is part of the category “THE VIENNA OBSERVATORY”. It is an endeavour to preserve and make known the history of the Observatory as a part of the Viennese culture.
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Published with the kind permission of Dr. Maria Firneis. Thank you for watching. 2017   All rights reserved.





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