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The Girl Who Died With The Crown-Prince – Mary Vetsera

Apr 26, 2017

Mary Vecsera (common Vetsera), daughter of a Greek millionaire and a Baron,  at the age of Thirteen, in March 1884. Here she is depicted in a Luis XV. Soubrette costume, at a Ball Dance for Children, hosted by her mother Lady Vecsera, Mary is described as gracing this social gathering with all the glory of the young Baronesse. (Austrian National Library, Anno)



October 1885, about one year later, Mary again makes it on the title page of the “Salonblatt”, the society paper of the time. No words needed, says the description, she will attract the readers all by her looks. She has not yet reached the age of Fifteen.



July 1887, aged 16, again she is on the title of the “Salonblatt”.


Marie Alexandrine von Vetsera lived from 19 March 1871 to 30 January 1889. She committed double suicide with the Crown Prince of Austria.

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