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A Streetcar Named Vienna Waltz – Wiener Walzer Bim

May 12, 2017

Vienna is the City of Music – and indeed, there is music in the air, where ever you may go. So, how about plunging deeper into this world of music and the Johann Strauss Dynasty, by getting on Vienna’s brand new attraction  – A STREETCAR NAMED VIENNA WALTZ.


This old-timer streetcar, built in 1927, takes you back to the era of the Johann Strauss Family Dynasty. It guides you through the city, passing all the important locations of the Strauss family, while playing the Strauss music that is connected with them.



A unique and sophisticated experience designed by the official Vienna Guide, Ingrid Andrea Bagus, in cooperation with a small, but very fine museum about the famous Strauss Dynasty.

Here is Ingrid, ready to embark upon the very first journey of her “Streetcar named Vienna Waltz” .


Starting off at Karlsplatz, just up above the UNDERGROUND Station KARLSPLATZ, the tramway with the Johann Strauss symbol on top …


… takes off to show you all around the city center and beyond.


One stopover is the Radetzky Monument on Vienna’s Ring Boulevard, and inside the Streetcar we are listening to the famous Radetzky March by Johann Strauss I.


And of course we pass by the famous golden statue of Johann Strauss, playing his violin in the “Stadtpark”.


Then we leave the beaten track and move on across the Danube Channel, the Donaukanal, to enter the district where the Strauss family had lived and worked for many years.


There we hear about the location of the very first performance of the “Blue Danube Waltz“. As the streetcar goes by the present day Diana Pool, we learn that the original Diana Hall had started off as a public swimming pool in Summers, only to be transformed into a Dance Floor during Winter times.

Here is the original hall during a masked ball dance, but  unfortunately it does not exist any more.


After a one hour ride on the streetcar, we reach the final stop near the Johann Strauss Dynasty Museum, a small private museum organised by a Viennese musician, who put the items of his life long collections of the Strauss Family on display – among them many rare objects you may not find anywhere else in the World.

We dig a little bit deeper into the locations and the music we had encountered on our journey on the streetcar. The organizer of the museum himself offers a fine presentation of photos and music – this time in perfect audio quality, reiterating the knowledge we had gained on our round through the city. Here is Professor Reichenauer during his presentation:



Of all the time you may spend in a city as a tourist or even as a local, just make sure you will save some two hours to participate in this unique event. Get your ticket here: Information and registration:  or call +43 664 456 12 48
and you will also be on board of the next “STREETCAR NAMED VIENNA WALTZ” or as the Austrians say, the  “Wiener Walzer Bim”. 2017     All rights reserved.


150 Years of “Donauwalzer” “On The Blue Danube” 「青きドナウ」150周年



Johann Strauss – A Viennese Dream

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