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A Night with Schubert シューベルトと出会う夜

May 24, 2017

Turn on the sound of the video and scroll down to view the images. Entrust yourself to the serene tunes of Schubert.

You are listening to Piano Trio No. 1 by Franz Schubert, performed by Yehudi Menuhin, Maurice Gendron and Hepzibah Menuhin.


Schubert facing his church in Lichtental district, Vienna. シューベルト銅像。ウィーン、リーヒテンタール地区のシューベルト教会の前。


The Schubert Church in 9th district Vienna. A primary school across the road somehow reminds us that Schubert had been a School teacher right in this area of Vienna. ウィーン9区のシューベルト教会。


Founded by Empress Maria Theresia herself,  the church has largely remained the way it had been in Schubert’s time. 全てがシューベルト時代のままです。



Built in 1712-18 and enlarged in 1769-73.    1712年ー18年築、1769年から増築された教会。




The church seen from above, where Schubert had been sitting at the organ, playing and composing.




The pipe organ, unchanged since Schubert’s times. シューベルトの弾いたオリジナルのパイプオルガン。


Enchanting angels are adorning the pipe organ. パイプオルガンの上の天使像が魅力的。


Schubert Relief on the Western Wall of the Lichtental Church.


Today we we are lucky to hear the opening concert of the Schubert Festival, ongoing until 4 June, 2017.

We hear string quartets by Schubert and Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, performed by Daniela Preimesberger,  Iris Krall-Radulian,
Marta Potulska (Viola) and Marta Sudraba (Cello). What a joy!


The venue takes place in the scenic churchyard in perfect May weather. 教会の中庭がコンサート会場。


Music floats through the courtyard of the Biedermeier era and Schubert takes us with him into his own secret world.



Schubert was baptised in the Lichtental Church and later worked and performed on the  organ of this church. Schubert’s original 1774 organ console is on display on the way up to the choir stalls, but this will be shown in one of the next blog entries. Please click on the little red heart at the end of the blog, to move up the visitor counter. Thank you very much.

With special thanks to Friedrich Lessky of the Schubert Society Vienna, the staff members of the Lichtental Church and the musicians who made this evening so special.

The Schubert Festival Schubert Festival is on until 4 June 2017. Information in German also at the Schubert Society, Schubertgesellschaft. 2017     All rights reserved.



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