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Perchtoldsdorf and Mozart`s Magic Flute

Nov 1, 2017

Stained glass window in the parish church of Perchtoldsdorf. The window depicts the scene of Turkish aggression, when a large part of the church was burned down.

During the Turkish aggression in 1683 the people of Perchtoldsdorf, a village south of Vienna, suffered a terrible blow. More than 3800 people were killed and the Turkish troops set fire on the church before continuing their path of destruction. I found the following description of the history of Perchtoldsdorf (in German) in an online book of 1841: Du


+The roof tiles of  the parish church of Perchtoldsdorf originally covered the roof of a famous theater in Vienna, the so called Freihaustheater, where Mozart’s Magic Flute was performed the first time. When the theater was torn down in 1801, its roof tiles were transferred to Perchtoldsdorf, as the church needed new tiles. Here they are:

The interior of the church and stained glass window.


The square in front of the church in Perchtoldsdorf on 26 October 2017, an Austrian National Holiday. 


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