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Flowers Scattered by Mozart -The Tiara for The Vienna Opera Ball 2018

Nov 23, 2017

Giovani liete, fiori spargete —  Blithe maids, Scatter flowers…

… is a line in  Mozart’s opera “Le Nozze di Figaro”, and it is also the line that inspired Dolce&Gabbana in creating the Tiara for the opening of the 2018 Vienna Opera Ball. As Mozart suggests, this year’s Tiara is scattered all over with flowers – some of rose coloured enamel, some holding one of the 702 crystals that are completing the leaves around them. The precious jewellery was presented at the Vienna State Opera today:

Photo: State Opera Director Dominique Meyer, Vienna Opera Ball Organizer Maria Großbauer, Swarovski Senior Vice President Birgit Berthold-Kremser





The headpiece will be worn by the debutants opening the world famous Vienna Opera Ball, one of the main society events of Austria, on 8 February 2018. This is Cassandra Salamon, the debutant chosen to present the new Tiara provided by #Swarovski, a partner of the opera ball since the Fifties.


Make-up is done by #Guerlain this year and the hair is styled by Steinmetz-Bundy Privatsalon:


This is what the ball-opening in Vienna looks like: 160 young debutant couples are performing the opening dance, here in a clip from 2014:


Finally here is the famous line by Mozart that lent the 2018 Tiara its design:


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⇨ SEE THE 2017 TIARA HERE: ⇦τιάρα-for-viennas-opera-ball-2017/

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